7 Tips to Writing the Ultimate Marketing Resume

If you want to write the ultimate marketing resume then you need to think about which skills you employ during work and showcase benefits over features. You know how to do marketing; it’s what you’re best at after all. You shouldn’t find it too difficult to market yourself after you get past the initial hurdles. […]
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6 Things to Bring With You to The Job Interview

If you don’t take anything to your job interview then you might have already giving off a bad first impression. You look like you haven’t prepared and you don’t have any proof to back up your claims. You can bet the competition has brought proof of their claims though. You need to look like you […]
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How to Choose the Right Resume Format

If you want your resume to be perfect it needs to have more than perfect spelling and proper grammar. Your resume also needs to be formatted properly to put forward the best possible picture of you. This means utilizing a combination of creativity, proper composition, and great marketing. While there are a number of different […]
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Why you Should Use Excel When Job Hunting

No one really enjoys Excel spreadsheets or job hunting, but even though you aren’t particularly excited about the idea of filling out an Excel spreadsheet they can help keep you organised and make everything easier. So why should you use Excel when job hunting? It’s The Greatest Organisational Tool There Is Make your life easier […]
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7 Secrets To Writing A Great Cover Letter

Your cover letter will help you stand out at best, but at worst it makes even the best candidate look like someone who just cuts and pastes uncreative answers. Unfortunately the average cover letter is too often just a retread of your resume that just points out the obvious. If you were given something like […]
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Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Job Interview

After mastering the art of the cover letter, putting together a perfect resume, and submitting the ultimate job application, you start getting interviews and you need to know how to master the process of job interviews to land your dream job. In this article we’ll be focusing on our top 10 job interview tips. 1. […]
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10 Proven Ways To Make Your Resume Better

In this article we have collected the 10 best resume tips to help you make your resume even better. Up your game and use these resume tips next time you are applying for a job. 1. Use keywords in your resume You should always use keywords in your resume whether or not your resume is […]
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Resume Writing Tip That Will Help You Get Hired

With competition for each and every job so strong, it is important that your resume sets you apart from everyone else. With employers filtering through potentially hundreds of resumes per job vacancy, you need to get your message across quickly and make sure that they call you in for an interview. For this reason, we […]
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6 Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

If you have been to multiple job interviews, you will know that they are all different. Sometimes it will just be you and one interviewer and others you could be sitting there nervously with three important faces looking back at you. The questions asked in the interview are always different as well but there are […]
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Career Books Every Young Professional Should Read

Develop yourself as an professional quicker through self-learning. A great book can be life changing and an eye opener. Even if you learn just learn one (powerful) thing it can set you on a new path in your life. Here we put together a list of career books that are great for young professionals. Let […]
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