Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

The main responsibility of a restaurant manager is to ensure that the restaurant runs efficiently and the profits keep rising. In this job role you will have to care for the reputation of your restaurant. In the hospitality sector bad word can spread like fire, you have to ensure that customers do not have any […]
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Cashier Resume Sample

Cash flow is very important for the prosperity of a company. Cashiers perform the task of monitoring and keeping record of cash flow. Cashier is primarily responsible for various operations all related to cash registers. When appointing a cashier the employers want a qualified, responsible, honest and reliable person. When you are looking to land […]
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Physician Resume Sample

A physician is also known as a Medical Doctor (MD). The job scope of a physician is to diagnose and later treat diseases, disorders and injuries. Physician job is a recession proof career option. A physician can suggest and counsel patients upon various activities that may alleviate their health condition. Physician’s suggestions are meant to […]
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Secretary Resume Sample

A secretary has to perform many roles all at the same time. The secretary resume is a place where you have to showcase your readiness to accept responsibilities in a very challenging role. The key assets for a secretary are scheduling meetings and appointments, but a capable secretary may be able to fill in the […]
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Teacher Assistant Resume Sample

In essence, a teacher assistant performs his duties in a private or public school under the supervision and instruction of a teacher. A teacher assistant may be designated as a paraprofessional, teacher’ aide, or education assistant in the US. Usually, once teachers educate a new subject to students, assistant teachers help them in gaining comprehensive […]
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How to Write a Resume After Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

How to write a great stay-at-home mom resume and return to the workforce? It can be difficult to enter the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom (or even a stay-at-home dad). The hardest part is updating resumes. It can feel like there’s not much for you to offer. The following six tips will help you […]
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How to Find a Job With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the very best search engines for finding a job. It gives you the chance to create filters for jobs depending on their title, location, experience needed, industry, and more. To filter out job factors like this is an important step in organizing resumes and job applications. It’s simple to navigate your […]
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Security Guard Resume Sample

Security guards, or also commonly known as Security Officers, are responsible for protecting a property, its assets and people. Security guards are paid to have a high visibility and presence, often times acting as a deterrent for criminals, helping prevent any wrongdoing or illegal actions on the property they’re patrolling. A security guard may be officially […]
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Resume Writing Mistakes: How Not to Write a Resume

A resume is an important element of your job hunting as well as your entire career. But often many people make errors in their resumes that range from mistakes to blunders and more interestingly remain unaware of the flaw in their resume. A resume is the first thing that an employer glances at. So it […]
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Call Center Resume Sample

Call center professionals play a very important role in the organizations they work for. Whether they are persuading clients to close a sale, troubleshooting technical issues about a product or service, or just answering generic questions, working at a call center entails important work and responsibilities. And as many people don’t realize, some of these […]
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