Internship Resume Sample

An internship is a method of job training for professional careers. Interns are less paid and unemployed college students. Usually interns are called college or doing higher studies university students. The intern’s students have practical classes and industry related studies. Interns do work for sometimes in the supervision of some professor or doctorate person. Some […]
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Substitute Teacher Cover Letter Sample

he old saying “First impressions count” is never more applicable than when writing an substitute teacher cover letter. Your cover letter could determine whether your resume is actually read or not, especially if there are many applicants for the position of substitute teacher. It is important in a cover letter for substitute teacher to highlight the […]
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Bartender Resume Sample

Life of a bartender is full of fun. There are enough scopes to socialize and meet people. If you are applying for a bartending vacancy at a well known restaurant or club in your locality then there are chances that you would be facing stiff competition. As per the US laws there is no formal […]
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CNA Resume Sample

Creating a professional looking CNA resume is the first criteria to get a job as Certified Nursing Assistant. Like in any other profession Certified Nursing Assistant resume is a crucial factor for your path to success. Many times a resume tells a lot about your professionalism and attention to perfection. Both these characteristics are assets for […]
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Makeup Artist Resume Sample

This makeup artist resume will help you draft your own. As a makeup artist you have to make sure that performers, models or presenters have a good hairstyle or makeup when they are appearing in front of audiences or camera. You may be called upon in a variety of settings such as television, film, theater, […]
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Pharmacist Resume Sample

A pharmacist by responsibilities is a type of health practitioner who looks after safe and effective administration of drugs to patients. As a pharmacist you are not only responsible for distributing drugs but also to advice the patients, physicians and other health practitioners interacting with you. The pharmacist can advise the health practitioners regarding the […]
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Medical Assistant Resume Sample

Medical assistant is an important part of the medical fraternity. As a medical assistant, you would be a part of the healthcare team. You would be responsible for clinical as well as administrative tasks in the healthcare institution. In the recent past, there has been a lot of interest among the youths for the medical […]
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Dental Assistant Resume Sample

A dental assistant assists the dentist during dental operations to impart flawless and efficient dental treatments. As any famed dentist would comment, bulk share of their success also owes significantly to the services of a dental assistant. Dental operations require many steps and equipments. The dental assistant has a thorough idea about these. They provide […]
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Receptionist Resume Sample: Objective, Duties, Skills, and More!

Are you looking for a job as a receptionist, but don’t know how to stand out from the long list of applicants? The rapid rise of businesses in many states across the nation has led to the increase in receptionist job prospects. As a receptionist working in a leading company, individuals can significantly boost their chances […]
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Phlebotomist Resume Sample

If you want a phlebotomy technician job seriously then you should use a perfect phlebotomy resume. Here are the complete details on writing a perfect phlebotomist resume. A phlebotomist who is also known as a phlebotomy technician is responsible for collecting the blood samples from patients and examining it in a laboratory. A phlebotomist analyses […]
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